Cluster Online, On location at Wibautstraat 202, 1091 GS Amsterdam

Beyond Coding: ML Ops – Operating Machine Learning Models

November 4, 2021 / 10:45 am - 12:00 pm
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10:45 am

A new data platform to improve customer service for Clay Solutions - A SALTO Group company

In this session, Bart Klaver, managing director at Clay Solutions BV - A SALTO Group company, shares how Clay Solutions leverages the data produced by its platform to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and remain a market leader. In this session, Bart discusses several applications, including predictive maintenance, developing insight in the use of their platform, and pro-actively informing SALTO KS' (Clay's cloud-based access control solution) installers of malfunctions.


Renald Buter Chief Operations GoDataDriven


Bart Klaver Managing Director SALTO Keys as a Service
11:15 am

Beyond Coding Podcast Live

In this session we'll record a live episode of the Beyond Coding podcast on ML Ops. Together with Roman Ivanov and Julian de Ruiter we'll give an introduction on what ML Ops is, how to bring your machine learning model to production and the challenges you might face along the way. Beyond Coding is a weekly podcast that covers various topics between Tech and Business. Topics range from tech leadership, to sales and all the way to staying sane as consultant. Everything you'll hear is non-scripted, genuine, and comes from a place of passion.


Patrick Akil Host at the Beyond Coding podcast Xebia / Beyond Coding Podcast


Roman Ivanov Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven
Julian de Ruiter Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven