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GoDataFest 2021 – Friday – 5 Nov

Friday 5th of November 2021

Livestream 1 – Cloud & Data – Live from Amsterdam >>

Best practices for optimizing cost and performance of your microsoft workloads on AWS, Exploring FinOps KPI’s to measure the true value of the cloud, Keeping up with your cloud knowledge, Moving 100+ teams and its 1K+ applications to cloud: 3 unforeseen challenges, Speed up web and mobile development with AWS Amplify, Scaling your business into China, How Alibaba Cloud helps customers to scale their business in China and beyond, “Terrible Terraform and how to avoid it”, Q&A: AWS Cloud Development Kit Workshop Follow up

Livestream 2 – Cloud & Engineering – Live from Hilversum >>

Transformation use case Koenigsweg, The road to a billion forecasts per day at Albert Heijn, dbt vision & developments, Real time Analytics that controls 50% of mobile network in Poland, Data democratization, Analytics Engineering, dbt + Soda SQL, Dashboarding nightmares, Robotized warehouse, fraud detection and other developments at Picnic.

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