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GoDataFest, festival of Data & AI technology 


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GoDataFest (coming soon) brings together conversations about the latest data technology into an event experience and will take place in Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 202, 1091 GS.

Engage with product specialists and experienced practitioners of leading tech. Learn from the experiences of industry-leading enterprises.

GoDataFest is proudly powered by Xebia Data


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Expert sessions to celebrate data technology

GoDataFest features a multitude of sessions focused on various data & AI technologies and platforms.

From fireside chats and presentations to ask-me-anything sessions and/or workshops, each session is hosted by seasoned experts.

Covering a wide variety of innovations

You can expect insights, developments, and tutorials about the latest and greatest data technology.

Topics include modern data platforms, analytics engineering, data democratization, AI, MLOps,  pipeline orchestration, and much, much more.

Develop your hands-on skills during workshops

During the workshops you can go hands-on with tools and techniques that will make you a better data professional.

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Scheduled Sessions

  • 24 oct
  • 25 oct
  • 26 oct
  • 27 oct

Scheduled Workshops

Meet our speakers

Each day we cover a wide variety of topics on various themes and technologies. Sessions can only be attended in-person.

Till Döhmen Software Engineer MotherDuck
Michał Rudko Data Architect GetInData | Part of Xebia
Thijs Limmen DevOps Engineer Xebia | Xpirit
Stefan van Wouw Senior Manager, Solutions Architects Databricks
Kamalendu Biswas Solutions Architect Databricks
Kivanc Urgancioglu Sr. Solutions Architect Databricks
Stef de Moor Product Manager Rabobank
Romy van Gils Commercial Process Information Manager Interfood
Peter Bavinck Customer Engineer Google Cloud
Oliver Ford Machine Learning Engineer Sympower
Wouter Feil Product Manager Data Sympower
Henk Griffioen Principal Data Scientist Xebia Data
Niels van den Broek Architecture Lead Transavia
Kiki Boonen Consultant Xebia | Data
Manolis Manousogiannis Data Engineer Xebia | Data
Yke Rusticus Machine Learning Engineer Xebia | Data
Mariano Schmidt Machine Learning Engineer Adevinta
Daniel van der Ende Data Engineer Xebia | Data
Daniël Tom Data Engineer Xebia | Data
Julian de Ruiter Principal Machine Learning Engineer Xebia | Data
Alexander Bij Data Engineer Xebia | Data
Peter Kromhout Data Architect / Principal Consultant Xebia | Data
Wessel Huising Machine Learning Engineer Mollie
Federico Bianchi Senior Solutions Architect AWS
Daniel Rozo Senior Solutions Architect AWS
Luis Campos Data Modernisation Lead, EMEA AWS
Dirk Guijt Lead Data Scientist Royal FloraHolland
Erkan Celen Analytics Engineer Xebia
Usman Zafar Machine Learning Engineer Xebia | Data
Dumky de Wilde Analytics Engineer Xebia | Data
James Hayward AI & Data Scientist Xebia | Data
Juan Venegas Content Writer Xebia | Data
Maurice Veltman Principal Analytics Engineer Xebia | Data
Joost Bosman Machine Learning Engineer Xebia | Data
Thom van Engelenburg Analytics Engineer Xebia | Data
Krzysztof Zarzycki CTO and Co-Founder GetInData | Part of Xebia
Axel Goblet Senior ML Engineer TMNL
Rens Dimmendaal Principal Data Scientist Xebia | Data
Eva Bosma Data Strategist Xebia | Data
Caio Benatti Moretti Data Science Consultant Xebia | Data
Roy van Santen Machine Learning Engineer Xebia | Data
Jeroen Overschie Machine Learning Engineer Xebia | Data
Sander van Donkelaar Machine Learning Engineer Xebia
Marysia Winkels Data Scientist Xebia | Data

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is GoDataFest?
GoDataFest is for anyone with an interest in data technology. Be it strategic and organizational, operational and practical, or simply a general interest. Sessions are scheduled around themes, so that you can create your own custom schedule.
When and where does GoDataFest take place?
The event is on October 15-18, 2024. The event is in person and will take place at Xebia: Wibautstraat 202, 1091 GS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Is the registration free of of charge?
No, we take micropayments from attendees to increase the participation rate and reduce food waste.
Is it ok to attend more than one session?
Yes absolutely, you are more than welcome to join the event all three days.

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