Workshop “Build your own search engine”

During this 4-hour workshop on Friday, November 6th from 13:00 – 17:00 CET, you will build your own ‘mini google’.

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During this session, host Mark Schep will guide you while building your search engine on COVID-19 related articles ( You will embed your search engine in a simple user interface and publish it as a website. At the end of the day you will have something like this:

Build your own search engine

You will learn to work with the following tools to get to your end goal:

* The search engine: [Azure Cognitive Search](

* Data storage: [Azure Blob Storage](

* The User interface: [Docker]( and [Streamlit](

* Deployment: [Azure Container Registry]( and [Azure App Services](

We will close the day with an open discussion on the implications of our solution & possible use cases



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About the Trainer

Mark Schep is an entrepreneurial industrial engineer with a passion for data science. His ambition is to build data driven products that add value to organisations. To get there, he leans on his background and experience as a data scientist which he uses to translate business problems into data solutions.

Mark will help you identify valuable data science applications, as well as how to make them work, make them better, and get them to scale.