The five streams will be led by a group of energetic and enthusiastic hosts. To begin with the main host that will guide you through the program of all five days, we have data engineer Jasper Ginn. Jasper will be the general host of GoDataFest where he will be introducing topics, speakers and make sure that everything runs as it should.

Jasper Ginn, Host of GoDataFest

The co-hosts of GoDataFest

Jasper will then be joined by a different co-host for every stream. The role of the co-host is to go into detail of various topics with the guests.

The co-hosts are:

AWS: Renald Buter, Chief Operations at GoDataDriven

Google Cloud: Bart Verlaat, CEO of

Databricks: Stephen Galsworthy, Chief Data and Product Officer at Quby

Microsoft: Yehuda Hofri, experienced CTO and CDO

Open-Source: Jurjen Helmus, researcher and head of minor data science at Amsterdam University of Applied Science

Join GoDataFest on Tuesday, November 3rd for the Google Cloud stream. A range of Googlers and experienced business professionals will share stories about data as a first-class citizen, humans versus autoML, but will also go into the common business challenge of getting data science models into production and the introduction of ML Ops on the work floor.

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