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Streamed Festival of Data Technology

November 1 / 5, 2021
In-Person Sessions and Workshops
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GoDataFest, the original festival of data technology, returns in 2021 with an online / hybrid edition.


The daily schedule (Mon 1/11 – Fri 5/11) will consist of interviews, presentations, training sessions and workshops around the most relevant data & AI topics and technology, from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Databricks, and Microsoft Azure to dbt Labs, Escher Cloud, Coiled, NATS and more.

GoDataFest is proudly powered by GoDataDriven.

More than simply a webinar, GoDataFest Live brings together conversations about the latest data technology into studio-quality video streams.

Engage with product specialists and experienced practitioners from leading tech companies like AWS, Databricks, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and more. Learn from the experiences of industry-leading enterprises the likes of ABN AMRO, Ahold, Mollie, Danone, Dexter, and Guidion.

GoDataFest is organized as part of Club Cloud. Visit clubcloud.world for more sessions around cloud engineering, software engineering, security, strategy, and more.
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Get ready for GoDataFest

November 1 / 5, 2021
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Video streams to celebrate data technology

GoDataFest features a multitude of sessions focused on various data technologies and platforms.

From fireside chats and presentations to ask-me-anything sessions and customer stories, each session is hosted by seasoned experts.

Covering a wide variety of innovations

You can expect insights, developments, and tutorials about the latest and greatest data technology.

Topics include modern data platforms, analytics engineering, data democratization, ML ops,  pipeline orchestration, high-frequency trading, dbt (data build tool), and much, much more.

Develop your hands-on skills during workshops

During the workshops you can go hands-on with tools and techniques that will make you a better data professional.

Learn all about infrastructure-as-code, TensorFlow Extended, or join NVIDIA for a workshop around GPU Accelerated Data Science.

Scheduled Broadcasts

Scheduled Workshops

Meet our speakers

Each day we cover a wide variety of topics on various themes and technologies. Sessions can be attended online, in-person or both, and can consist of live as well as pre-recorded content.

Marcin Zabłocki MLOps Architect GetInData | Part of Xebia
Jordi Smit Machine Learning Engineer Xebia | Data
Caio Benatti Moretti Data Science Consultant Xebia | Data
Krzysztof Zarzycki CTO and Co-Founder GetInData | Part of Xebia

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is GoDataFest?
GoDataFest is for anyone with an interest in data technology. Be it strategic and organizational, operational and practical, or simply a general interest. Sessions are scheduled around themes, so that you can create your own custom schedule.
When does GoDataFest take place?
The event starts on Monday, November 1 and ends on Friday, November 5, 2021
Is the registration free of of charge?
Yes, thanks to our sponsors, we can offer access to the exclusive GoDataFest streamed content free of charge. All you need to do is register. Some of the afternoon workshops that are an exception. For some of them, we charge a small fee.
Is it ok to attend more than one session?
Yes absolutely, you are more than welcome to join the event the entire week.
How do I get access to the video streams?
When you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail contains a password that gives you access to the stream page.

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